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KIRAN CHANDAN, the creator of  The9thDirrection has been dabbling into various modalities since more than a decade Now.

Being a dreamer and having a desire to soar the skies, the quest for freedom as a girl began in her late teens. Coming from a large traditional family where social norms remained dominant until Kiran choose to break free paving a way towards her dreams.

Despite the social dominance, her parents played a major role in identifying the different child that she was and thereby allowing her to spread her wings.

Having an inclination for more as an Interior Designer, enabled Kiran to open herself to the science of Feng Shui and Vastu which added to her profession then. And this was the beginning of her journey of the unseen world.

The journey which began in 2002 into the unknown ushered in a phenomenal experience for Kiran. 2002 being the benchmark year for Kiran wherein she became Asia’s youngest Neuro Linguistic Programming Trainer. What then followed was an exposure to a series of modalities. 2005 began with Feng-Shui, Numerology and Reiki which continued with HypnoTherapy in 2009.

For a long time before any formal training, she had been tapping into the angelic realms enhancing her growth with channelled information from these awesome beings of love and light. Yet a formal Angel Therapy Training came her way in 2010.She further enhanced her knowledge of HypnoTherapy with TransPersonal Regression Therapy in 2012. Her efficiency at Regressive Therapies has been a source of major breakthroughs for several of her clients.

Her talent to connect to the unseen forces through Mediumship has been a great boon for a lot of her clients. Her forte to work with different properties has brought a lot of ease to people. The modalities of Psych-K, Soul Integration and DNA work brought in greater finess to her already existing natural potential as a healer. Her introduction to Access Consciousness in 2013 ushered in a new leap of radical changes for Kiran.

Her work is thus contribution of such range of myriad colors of various modalities put together. Her beingness as a facilitator for varied courses and as an awesome combination of a counsellor and a coach, with her natural sensitivity, kindness and intuition has touched upon lives of many, her family, her friends and clients.

Besides healing work, she launched a series of products under the banner of YAGYA – aura cleansing salts, space clearing salts and incenses, blends of essential oils for each client according to their requirement… which furthers the pace of healing for the mind, body and spirit.