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Numerology is a science that allows practitioners to help their clients learn more about who they are, what they can become, and what they can expect in the years ahead.  However, it also brings some practitioners far beyond that; to a place where knowledge stops being theory and becomes an experience.

If you want to better understand your unique strengths, weaknesses, deep inner needs and emotions, or what the future holds in store for you, you’ll be excited about our informative, life-inspiring Numerology Readings.

Numerology is a belief in the divine and mystical relationship between numbers. It is the study of numerical values of letters in words, names and ideas, as every alphabet has a number associated with it.

Each number is connected with you, telling you more about your personality.. Knowing your numbers helps you unlock your strengths and be aware of your weaknesses..

Pythagorean method

Pythagorean Numerology is used in the majority of cases. Pythagorean Numerology is very popular because it’s easier to learn how to translate letters into numbers, and to master their meanings. The name, when analyzed under Pythagorean Numerology, gives a psychological bent to what motivates you, what you best express naturally, as well as the impression you’re likely to make on others.

Thus, Pythagorean Numerology method defines the natural talents, abilities, and tools that you were given at birth. This is why using the full name at birth is very important under the Pythagorean Numerology system. In this system number 9 is included calculations.

All of us are surrounded by Numbers and whether you believe it or not, numbers do influence our lives. During the workshop, we will not teach you anything magical but we will teach you the right knowledge of numbers and the power behind it. Numerology plays a major role in lives of many people and thus it is not less than a magic. If you gain and use the right knowledge of numbers along with your hard work and dedication, the power of numbers will definitely support you in every major step of success.

We teach you how to use Pythagorean Numerology. We will teach you the right method and technique to use numbers and its power in your daily life, in your new or existing personal name and even in your business name. Numbers don’t guarantee success but when correct numerology calculations are applied, it will support you on your path towards success.

Numerology course is based purely on numbers and its simple numerological calculations.
  • Understanding Numbers
  • Basic role of each number.
  • The Strengths and Weakness of each Number
  • Learn your Karmic numbers & how to interpret it
  • Pinnacle Numbers
  • Challenge Numbers
  • Heart’s Desire Numbers
  • Personality Numbers
  • Analyze Personal Year Number
  • Analyze Personal Month Number
Please Note:  You don’t need to be a Maths Expert to do this course. If you know the basic addition & subtraction, you can still do this course and be a Successful Numerologist in Life.


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