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Having touched many lives in the last few years has allowed me to look at life from a different perspective. We are constantly loaded with projections and expectations from people around us of how we should be OR how we should not be to fit into this reality…. As we start to do that, we start to loose the essence of who we truly are and what do we really desire..

My aim is to get You back to You which will allow you the freedom to Be You. I have a different approach to each person’s issue. Though the problems look the same, they aren’t. Each session is different as we begin to unveil each piece, using various modalities. What area are you willing to change today? Your relationship, Career, the way you look or feel with your body, Money, Sex, Family, your self- worth?

A private session is for anyone seeking change in any area of your life. It’s not a way to fix yourself but to acknowledge the being that you are and then look at the various possibilities. YOU & I will work together in this journey of CHANGE. Remember, I can’t do this alone, without You.

-Kiran Chandan-
Every being has a unique potency which makes them different from the other. A symphony session is an energetic session which can be done in-person or from distant. This is one of my favourite sessions as it allows me to play with the molecules of your very being and the space and awareness that one receives post the session is way beyond words. These sessions are dynamic and can change the very way of your being and your body. This session allows you to dive into your very creative capacities and blast the limitations that has been projected on you.
PS – You will not be the same after a session.