Past Life Regression


Transpersonal Regression is fast and way more effective than the conventional way of hypnotherapy, says Kiran. One can easily study the past and change the future. Because of the techniques, it doesn’t take forever for things to change.

Whether we believe or no, we have lived trillions of years with our soul moving through the varied experiences, the memories of which as metaphoric images remain stored in our energy fields and cellular memory of the physical body.

Any experiences of relationship issues, relationship with self and others, finances, work, body and diseases anything and almost everything has its roots elsewhere – maybe the childhood or some past life. With regression, these issues can just get sorted if the client is open and willing to choose change. It doesn’t require any belief in past lives.

This goes beyond any religious ideas and has hypnosis and transpersonal regressive therapy at its base. It covers mental, emotional aspects, childhood traumas, relationships, money and above all major diseases too can be reversed, if you choose.

What is Past Life Regression

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Resolve issues that are too difficult to confront and shift, through the conscious mind only.
Allows healing of the body and emotional conditions.
Resolve traumatic experiences from this life and other lives.
Helps healing in regards to addictions.
The process can give an understanding as to why we have chosen our particular family and other relationships influencing our life.
The process can dissolve fears.

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