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Space Clearing; What is it?

Have you ever entered a home where you immediately felt light and uplifted? Or have you had the experience of walking into a room where the very atmosphere left you feeling depleted and drained? Have you noticed how a room feels after an argument has taken place?

Each space has an energy of its own and requires cleansing just like we require cleansing. Your home is composed of infinite flows of energy. When you cleanse and purify the energy in your home, it becomes a sanctuary – a retreat from the discord of the world, a place of refuge and protection. It becomes an anchoring point from which you venture out into the world and as well as being a welcoming abode for your return. A home that has been cleansed and blessed is a home that is safe to be yourself, a place to embrace your joy, and explore your pain. Space clearing can turn every inch of a home into a sanctuary of sacred space that nurtures the soul.

Who needs Space Clearing?

After accessing so many properties over a period of 12 years, I believe each of us require space clearing, says Kiran. One requires to do the same at least once a year, or sooner if you have a major life change such as starting or ending a relationship, career, etc.

Most of the times in older buildings, premises where someone who was unreconciled has died, locations with a troubled history or places where a portal to different realms exists, can hold trapped entities who need help. These energies may well be contributing to the discomfort of present day residents, or, in some case be just plain mischievous or nasty in their actions. It is extremely important to check for entities before buying houses.

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A Space Clearing Is Recommended

After a traumatic emotional event (death, divorce, major conflict)
If you feel the presence of ghosts or spirits
When you feel like you are stuck in a rut
When you move into a new home or business and wish to start afresh
After major illness
After a robbery
After an accident in the home
If your home does not feel like home
If you are wishing to sell your house and there has been little interest not based on price expectations

Space Clearing Procedure done by Kiran

The procedure of space clearing is very sacred for Kiran. Each space is different and requires a different way of dealing with it, be it home or office space.

The initial consultation with the client gives Kiran the idea of what is going on in the space, the experiences the client has had which has brought them to her. This is a very important step as the information will allow her to create a process.
Step 2 – Process of space clearing – Kiran always require to ensure that it is appropriate for her and the inhabitants to do this cleansing with the guidance of her Masters and Guides. Once she gets the download of information, the process is initiated. The Space Clearing can be done on-site or off-site.
Step 3 – Whether an on-site clearing is required or can she do the same off-site on an energetic level, making sure that the end result is the same. There is no compromise while doing the clearing, what so ever.
Step 4 – De-cluttering – is highly recommended for a space clearing session. It primarily involves clearing physical objects from a space, although there are also deeper levels that address mental, emotional and spiritual types of clutter. People generally begin with physical level clutter clearing and then progress to the other less tangible but equally important types.

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