Signature Analysis

What Does Our Signature Mean?

The act of signing defines us, since the signature symbolizes our inner Ego. It is almost like a “logo” for a company. The signature represents what we feel about our identity and how we feel about what we have achieved so far.

We all know how much companies invest in the logo development that will identify them. We should think the same way about our writing and especially in our signature.

If you still write and sign like an adolescent, you should ask yourself if that is how you would like to be seen by the rest of the world. The signature is an introduction that sends subconscious signals about how you are and about how you see yourself.

According to signature analysis, every time you draw your signature, you make a statement to yourself and to the rest of the world, saying, “See, this is who I am.” It means that the signature is a reflection of how one behaves in public and how one handles oneself.

For example, a woman may wear a pleasant smile all the time (reflected by signature), but whether she is really happy or not will be revealed by her handwriting, not signature. Hence, it is not fair to judge a book by its cover, but still the cover is crucial because it keeps the pages together.

Difference Between Handwriting and Signature

While the body of your handwriting shows your overall personality, your signature reveals how you want to appear to the world, and how you want to be perceived by others. That is why very often there is a remarkable difference between some people’s overall handwriting and their signature. It’s because they want to show to the world a picture of their personalities drastically different from the real ones.

Signature Analysis in Sydney

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