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An ancient method of divination emerged in the 13th century in mid-Europe in the gypsy culture. Tarot includes a set of 78 cards – 22 Major arcanas, 40 Minor arcanas and 16 Court cards with symbolic pictorial images denoting the journey of life. The Major arcanas cover bigger events and life-changing events and prominent aspects of our life representing every stage of growth in the journey of life. They depict the larger picture of course of events we encounter which internally shape us into who we are.

Supporting the Major arcanas are the Minor arcanas consisting of four suits which correspond to the four elements of Air, Fire, Water, and Earth subsequently highlighting the mental set up, career and creativity, emotional balance, health, finances, and relationships. The Minor arcanas thus cover subtle aspects of the spirit, body, emotion and the mind the very core of our beingness, our existence.

The Court cards, also known as people’s cards give a vivid awareness of our personality, our approach to physical, material, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. The court cards also depict the people around us and their personalities.

As a whole, Tarot is a powerful tool blending and balancing giving deeper psychoanalytical and spiritual readings for ourselves and others .As with any of these modalities, learning them primarily contributes to the learner first to gain insight into their own choices, their own traits and the journey ahead.

This mode of divination enables us to get in touch with our intuitive capacities our awareness and touches our heart and enlightens our soul.

In the Tarot workshop, you can learn
  • Meaning of the 78 cards.
  • “Code Languages” Meaning of the Signs, Symbols, Picture, Colours what they have significance in Tarot reading.
  • How to interpret the cards according to the situations.
  • Different types of Spreads (Layouts)
  • Cleansing & Charging Of Tarot Deck
  • Tarot Numerology
  • Tarot cards combinations
  • Learn how to read with confidence
  • And much more…
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