I am thankful to each being who chose me to contribute to their lives. It surely isn’t easy to open your life in front of a stranger. I am glad we met and you gave me the opportunity to contribute to your life and you chose to move beyond your comfort zone. I believe if one person can choose to change, even you can.

What Our Client Say:

Three years back life was full of problems and frustrations. After meeting Kiran, it become possible for me to see a life beyond this reality. With your guidance I am more aware now and willing to contribute the same to others. Doing Access classes with Kiran further contributed to the way I see my life today. You gave a different meaning and value to my life.
Thank you very much for your contribution.

Mrs Falguni Nare

I had a great journey from a client to being a student with Kiran Chandan. I had taken a few healing sessions for a month which changed my life drastically. I further choose courses like Access Bars (with wife), Entity class, Being You class (with younger son) and Advance Entity class. Had a great experience, got lots of clearing statements and tools which I use on daily basis. It really works, miracles I create in my life every now n then. My life has become very easy – Be it at home or at work. Thank you Kiran for giving a new life. It was really worth investing the time and money. Wish all the best for your future….God bless you abundantly.

Mr Rajesh Punjabi

My journey with Kiran started from 9th October 2014 and it’s been a wonderful ride since then. She is a great facilitator, Friend and the best motivator and is easily approachable. I have done a lot of courses with her but what I love the most are her fortnightly power-packed meditations and has brought immense change in me. I can write a full page of incidents where Kiran has come to the rescue. All I have is gratitude to have met her in my life. Thanks to her, I am a different Naina today”

Mrs Naina Jani

Kiran I remain indebted to you, for being my Mentor, Guide & Friend who helped me realise my hidden potential and use my Intuitive ability to become a good Healer & Effective Tarot Reader.Your unique style of teaching made us so thorough that referring to notes became redundant.
Words fail me in acknowledging the complete change of lifestyle, I experienced as I kept doing various courses with you. Starting with Access BARS and Foundation, Access Body Procesess, Chakra workshop, Tarot, Entities and so many more.

Mrs Reba Malhotra

Thank you so much for being you. I have attended the Foundation class, Money class, and Chakra class and few meditations with you. The level of awareness and presence that you have and you are for us is off the charts. You are phenomenal in changing lives by being the energy of change which is so inspiring, that when we see it in you, we too can see it for us. Thank you for your guidance, counselling and sharing.

Ms Disha Chandan

Been acquainted with Kiran for more than seven years .The journey which began as a student of Tarot with her in 2007 found an awesome friend and guide in her. Be it guidance through Numerology, Feng Shui or later through Past Life Regression sessions, Inner Child work and Angel workshops, her beingness added to my life in many different ways uncovering a journey into the unknown. Her expertise with Property Clearing and Abundance Box too added a different dimension to my life. Am thankful to her for her kind presence.

Mrs Usha Sinha

I came to Kiran in real state of panic with my 1 year old. Was not too sure if she would believe me or negate me like my family did. But the minute I walked into her room, she looked at my daughter and asked me what was wrong. In my heart, her statement affirmed me that she sees what I see. To cut the long story short, I got my daughter back only because of Kiran and I will be forever grateful to her the way she handled my insecurities and convinced my husband who just didn’t want to believe in Entities and thought I was mad.

Mrs Anonymous

Life is unpredictable and who better would know than me and my husband. I still remember the year 2015 where I almost felt that I have nothing left but Kiran is the one who came as a ray of sunshine. Her help in that bad times not only helped us to overcome the health issues that my husband was facing but also gave us strength to zip through the worst times that we were facing. Thanking Kiran would not be enough as her help has not only solved our issues but has given us strength to live a happy prosperous life.

Mrs Shreya Dave Shelat